Environmental Advisory Committee

The Sag Harbor Village Environmental Advisory Committee (“EAC”)


The EAC was officially established by the Mayor’s office in the fall of 2019 and is comprised of volunteers from the Village of Sag Harbor who advocate for the protection of Sag Harbor’s environment. 


Some of the projects the committee has completed and continues to focus on include:


  • Promoting greater press coverage of environmental issues


  • Advocating for a Balloon Ban (Helium) similar to those passed in neighboring Towns


  • Supporting the SHV Climate Smart Communities pledge and the installation of LED lights for energy efficiency and solar and heat pumps for clean energy


  • Increasing awareness of water quality issues including advantages of Innovative Alternative Septic Systems


  • Educating residents about the environmental benefits of composting and offering “how to” resources


  • Increasing awareness of the dangers of pesticides; promoting a residential pledge to be “pesticide free”


  • Reaching out to government officials about the need to preserve unbuilt, uncleared properties


  • Collaborated with the Sag Harbor Partnership on a flyer to inform residents and landscapers of the new Leaf Blower restrictions and the long-standing prohibition of winter fertilizer applications


  • Promoting Carbon Crew (link to What You Can Do)


  • Exploring ways to promote pedestrian safety


  • Researched the Community Choice Aggregation Programs in Southampton and East Hampton Towns for future Village-wide energy costs savings and greater access to green power