Virtual Board Meetings

To View Board and Committee Agendas

Please click here to view Board and Committee Agendas.  The Agendas are posted on the website prior to the meetings.   For Mayor & Board of Trustees Regular Meetings held on Tuesdays at 6:00 PM, the Agenda will be posted the Friday before at 4:00 PM.  You may also access the Agendas from the home page of our website by clicking the icon that says "AGENDAS & MINUTES."    

Submit Comments in Writing

If you have specific questions for the Mayor & Board of Trustees, please email the Village Clerk in advance of the meeting to

How to Join a Meeting

  • Join the Zoom Meeting using Computer Audio ( or zoom app) or by Phone
    • Zoom Meeting dial-in details can be found at the end of the Agenda or on the Calendar shown below (which can also be found on the homepage of our website).  To find the Zoom Meeting dial-in information on the Calendar, please click on the date of the meeting.
    • For security purposes, you will be required to register prior to joining the meeting (a Zoom account is required in order to register for the meeting)
    • If you are dialing in by phone only, you are not required to register prior to joining the meeting  

**Please see Helpful Links below for assistance on how to join a meeting

How to Participate in the Zoom Meeting

All Zoom Meeting Participants will be placed into a "waiting room" until they are admitted by the Host.  All participants, with the exception of the Mayor, Board of Trustees, Village Attorney and Village Clerk, will be muted upon entry of the meeting and have their video disabled.  Screen sharing functions will also be disabled. 

If you would like to speak during a Public Hearing or Public Comments, please virtually "raise your hand" to let the Host know that you would like to speak.  This button to "raise your hand" can be found at the bottom of the participant list. (RAISE YOUR HAND).  

When it is your turn to speak, the Host will unmute you and enable your video.  If you are participating by phone and would like to speak during the Public Hearing or Public Comments, please email your name, phone number and question to

How to Watch or Listen Live

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