Village of Sag Harbor
Mayor Sandra Schroeder

Comprehensive Planning

Planning Strategies for the Inc. Village of Sag Harbor
(with an emphasis on the Commercial District)
Dated: July 21, 2008

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Table of Contents
I. Forward
II.   Introduction
III.  Existing Land Use, Housing and Population Demographics
IV.  Prior Planning Studies
V.   Discussion of LWRP – the Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan
VI.  The Diversity in the Commercial Business District
VII. Trends in Sag Harbor and Affordable Housing Issues
VIII.Concerns of the Community
IX.  Goals and Objectives of This Study
X.   Examining Commercial Restrictions in Other Communities
XI.  Proposed Planning Recommendations for the Commercial District
XII. Other Recommendations
XIV References
Appendix A

Issues of Concern Within the Village Business District

General Goals and Objectives

Preliminary Recommendations
Appendix B

Village of Sag Harbor Table of Uses

Village of Sag Harbor Table of Dimensional Regulations
Appendix C

Separated Uses – Existing VB District – First Floor Only

Table 1: Summary of Totals: Existing Village Business District (VB)

Table 2: Summary of Totals: Proposed Village Business District (VB)

Table 3: Summary of Totals: Proposed Office District (OD)

Table 4: Existing Village Business District (VB)

Table 5: Proposed Village Business District (VB)

Table 6: Proposed Office District (OD)|

Table 7: First Floor Uses: Organized by Floor Area

Table 8: First Floor Uses: Existing Village Business District

Table 9: First Floor Uses: Proposed Village Business District

Table 10: Second & Third Floor Uses

Table 11: Village Business Main Street Width Measurement Summaries
Appendix D

Village of Sag Harbor: Village Business District Inventory

Sorted by Floor Area

Sorted by Business Name

Sorted by Primary Use and Floor Area

Sorted by Floor and Floor Area

Village of Sag Harbor: Width of Uses Inventory
Appendix E (Appendix E Title Page)

Tax Map/Aerial Overlay

Existing Zoning Districts

Existing Zoning Districts (close-up on the VB District)

Proposed Commercial Zoning Districts

Proposed Commercial Zoning Districts (close-up on the VB District)

Existing VB Zoning District with Business Uses
Appendix F

Ferraris, Gregory N. & Tiffany Scarlato. “Incorporated Village of Sag Harbor Local Residential Housing Plan”, December 7, 2007. [DRAFT]
Appendix G

Hirt, Jeff, and Joe Sellars. “Goodbye Main Street?” Zoning Practice. American Planning Association. Volume 24, Issue 10. (October 2007).

Sag Harbor Historical Photos By Sag Harbor Historical Society

Sag Harbor Village Photos By Richard Warren 2007

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