Village of Sag Harbor
Mayor Sandra Schroeder
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Building Department

Q: Can you tell me if my lot is buildable? Will you write a ‘Letter of Buildability’?

A: Current zoning requirements are contained in Chapter 55 of the Village code (available online). If you cannot meet the zoning requirements, you must apply for a variance. Since the Building Department cannot predict whether or not the Board will approve a variance, we cannot determine if a property is able to be built upon. Furthermore, the applicant may be subject to the requirements of other government entities, such as the Suffolk County Health Department or the Department of Environmental Conservation, which may or may not allow you to build on a lot.

The building department does not furnish letters regarding what may or may not be built on a property.

Q: Am I allowed to construct an apartment in my residence?

A: The Village of Sag Harbor allows the construction of accessory apartments within a residence in the R-20 district. Apartments are NOT allowed in accessory structures. An application for a permit to install an accessory apartment may be obtained from the building department.

Q: What is required to apply for a building permit?

A: You must supply a building permit application, a Certificate of Appropriateness (only if the work is being conducted in the Historic District), an application fee, two surveys indicating the proposed work (only the surveyor may make modifications to the survey), three sets of architectural plans (all plans must be stamped and signed by a licensed New York State architect or engineer), the name of the builder and the builder’s proof of workers’ compensation coverage. If the application being submitted is for a pool, a catalog cut (section) of the pool must be included.

Q: What are the acceptable forms of proof for workers’ compensation?

A: The only acceptable proofs of workers’ compensation are forms c-105.2, u-26.3, SI-12 and CE-200. Acord forms are NOT accepted.. Please see the ‘Department Forms’ area of our web page for a guide to providing workers’ compensation.

Q: How do I update my Certificate of Occupancy?

A: Bring a survey completed within the last six months, a completed Application for an Updated Certificate of Occupancy and the application fee to the Building Department. If there has been a change of ownership, a deed indicating the new owner of the property is required. At that time an on-site inspection by the building inspector will be scheduled. Upon successful inspection an updated Certificate of Occupancy will be issued– typically within two weeks. The Building Department will contact the applicant when the Certificate is completed.

Harbor And Docks top

Q: How do I make a reservation for a slip?

A: Transient reservations are made through the Harbor Master’s office at 725-2368.

Q: How much does it cost to dock/moor/etc my boat?

A: You can download a rate sheet from our department’s web page, or call to request that we send you a rate sheet.

Q: Are there shower facilities?

A: Shower facilities are provided exclusively for those boats staying in our marina. Use of the shower facilities is included in the docking fee.

Q: Is there a launch service available?

A: Yes.

Q: Are there any nearby services?

A: Shopping, fuel, ice, marine mechanics, restaurants, and laundry services are all coveniently provided within walking distance. Many of our local retail shops and restaurants will provide delivery service to your vessel.

Q: Is there electric or water available on the docks?

A: Yes, both electric and potable water are available.

Q: Is there a pool or tennis court at the marina?

A: No.

Public Works top

Q: Will the Village pick up my leaves?

A: Yes. The Village will remove leaves left at the curb during the months of November and April. Leaves that are in bags are not accepted.

Q: Will the Village remove my logs/brush/hedge clippings/grass clippings?

A: In the month of April the Village will remove winter kill and light brush. Brush must not be longer than 6 feet nor have a diameter larger than 3-1/2 inches. Debris must be the result of Winter damage or Spring cleanup. Homeowners may not use the Spring cleanup services provided by the Village to clear property, remove trees and shrubs, or remove other debris that is the result of periodic maintenance. Unauthorized debris left curbside will not be picked up.

Q: Where should I park my car during a snowstorm?

A: In an effort to promote the efficient removal of snow and prevent damage to resident’s vehicles, Village code section 50-63 prohibits the parking of vehicles on public streets between 12:00AM and 6:30AM after there has been an accumulation of more than one inch of snow. All persons should park their vehicles in their driveway or make other arrangements to have their vehicles off the street. Vehicles in violation of 50-63 may be issued a parking ticket or may be towed at the owner’s expense.