What is required to apply for a building permit?

You must supply:

  • An application fee
  • The builder’s proof of workers’ compensation coverage
  • A building permit application
  • A Certificate of Appropriateness (only if the work is being conducted in the Historic District)
  • The name of the builder
  • Three sets of architectural plans (all plans must be stamped and signed by a licensed New York State architect or engineer)
  • Two surveys indicating the proposed work (only the surveyor may make modifications to the survey)

If the application being submitted is for a pool, a catalog cut (section) of the pool must be included.

Will the Village pick up my leaves?

Yes. The Village will remove leaves left at the curb during the months of November and April. Leaves that are in bags are not accepted.

Where should I park my car during a snowstorm?

In an effort to promote the efficient removal of snow and prevent damage to resident’s vehicles, Village code section 50-63 prohibits the parking of vehicles on public streets between Midnight and 6:30 a.m. after there has been an accumulation of more than one inch of snow. All persons should park their vehicles in their driveway or make other arrangements to have their vehicles off the street. Vehicles in violation of 50-63 may be issued a parking ticket or may be towed at the owner’s expense.