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March 16, 2020 9:04 AM



Stony Brook Southampton Hospital officials Friday afternoon announced procedures for those seeking medical care from the hospital in light of the COVID-19 epidemic.

As of Friday morning, 23 patients had qualified as Patients Under Investigation (PUI) for COVID-19 at Stony Brook Southampton Hospital. Two were confirmed positive, two were negative and 19 were pending.

Patients experiencing flu-like symptoms (cough, fever or respiratory difficulties) are directed to present themselves at the entrance of the Emergency Department and use an outside phone to call a nurse who will give guidance on how to don a mask and enter the building, the officials said.

Patients experiencing other symptoms should enter the Emergency Department directly.

Visitors to patients being treated in the Emergency Department are limited to one adult, 18 years old and older. The hospital website,, offers guidelines.

Patients identified by the hospital, or a provider, as a Patient Under Investigation (PUI) for COVID-19 have nasal and throat samples sent from the hospital directly to the Department of Health’s Lab in Wadsworth, the officials said.

Currently, it takes two days for results.

Depending on patient’s condition, immediately after the swabs are taken, they said, the patient is either quarantined at home, per Department of Health guidelines, or admitted to the hospital for treatment.

Parrish Memorial Hall, adjacent to the hospital, is in the process of being transformed into a respiratory virus evaluation center, officials said

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